In the Indian Subcontinent, CHAI reigns supreme.​

Our co founders grew up on Chai. Rest assured that this is the only Chai in Australia that pays the utmost respect to the humble Chaiwalas & Chaiwalis out there. NO ARTIFICIAL INGREDIENTS, NO ADDED FLAVORS… ALL NATURAL GOODNESS.

After investing a significant time in gathering feedback from consumers and cafes, we have built the following range of Chais & Latte drinks.


Words don’t do justice to this aromatic & flavorful treat.

Sweet Australian honey, premium grade fresh black tea and fresh toasted spices are hand blended in small batches.

It will smell like a Chai-licious Christmas in your kitchen.

Brisbane surely loves it’s Darling.

If you haven’t had Brisbane’s Darling Masala Chai, you’re missing out in life.

Hand blended here in Australia using premium black tea, fresh aromatic toasted spices and ginger root. Rose petals add a touch of true luxury.

Brisbane surely loves it’s Darling.

This delicious caffeine & gluten free beverage is a perfect for those looking for a healthy drink, with a great deal of awesome taste.
The antiviral and antibacterial properties of turmeric & other spices may help fight infection, inflammation & may improve immunity.