COFFEE of the People, by the People, for the People

We always felt that we “Get Given” our coffee. The baristas, cafe owners, coffee roaster none had an answer to a simple question? Was there any input by everyday coffee consumers before making the coffee?

The most common answer we got is, We have made this “house blend” (don’t like that term) based on coffees we like?

But, shouldn’t it be about what the Consumer likes?

Well, we decided to make our coffee the other way round. We didn’t gather coffee experts and the yes sir people. The initial months were spent gathering data, information and inputs from everyday coffee lovers. Below is an actual rough doodle that our Co Founder Shefali had made during our excursions along with some tastings done with, you guessed it, with real life coffee drinkers.


Elevator Speech – SMOOTH COFFEE (If Jazz was Coffee, this would be it.)

G’DAY MATE is best said with this ‘sit down’ coffee. Perfect for those catch up’s with your loved ones, where one cup is just not enough. Beans from Central America, South America & East Africa make a blend smooth and sweet like none other.

Main Flavour/s : Caramel & Brown Sugar

Hint/s : Fruit Cake, Citrus

Roast : Espresso

Body : Smooth

Strength : 3/5

Acidity : 3.5/5

Elevator Speech – STRONG COFFEE (Made for STRAYA.)

A dark roasted coffee for everyone. Need to pull an all-nighter, have THE AUSSIE. Need to go to work after, have THE AUSSIE.  Ok, you might wanna rest after that.

Main Flavour/s : Coffee

Hint/s : Coffee

Roast : Espresso

Body : Heavy

Strength : 4.5/5

Acidity : 1.5/5