According to the local weather channel, today is the coldest May day in many years in Queensland, Australia. 1 cup of coffee was just not gonna cut it.

Enter Bialetti Fiammetta from It was a Diwali gift which I hadn’t opened yet, I know, I am surprised too.

Now, my dilemma was, which coffee. Spoilt for choice, I went for You Beaut, the Rich, Creamy blend with a butter toffee taste, good acidity & body was a perfect treat for the hour. Instructions to use the coffee maker were easy to find, so I followed them to the T. I’ll be honest, I was a bit apprehensive of the brew. Will it be what I am hoping for? Will the coffee boil over? Do I need to keep a constant eye on the brewer?

A few minutes later, I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome. A dark brown color coffee, dripping perfectly from the top spout. My only regret, I did not make a video. I shall remember to do that next time. As this was the 3 cup version Fiammetta, there was plenty of brew for me and my hubby.

You Beaut is a very precise blend that never disappoints. The coffee maker was easy to clean, which is always a plus. A perfect drink for a cold day.

I recommend the Bialetti Fiammetta, also do check out Alternative Brewing. They have a huge range of equipment and instructional videos. Needless to say, BIG thumbs up to You Beaut Coffee.

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